The beginning is a very delicate time… MLT

Virtual world or distance learning is becoming standard for students of all ages. Many schools require students to have completed an online course before they graduate secondary school. This follow through to post secondary schooling as well. The dilemma though is how to keep students engaged when they are isolated from their classmates. I’d like to focus on how to keep students more involved, more creative, and more willing to network even while being an online or distance learner.

Part of why I’ve chosen this direction is that I teach online but I am one of those people that spend a lot of time online. I see a fundamental shift in much of our society being drawn into that virtual world and all the things that feed off of it. I hope to demonstrate a tool/game that is engaging to the distance learner that includes components in networking and creativity.

In this situation, my target audience is post secondary school students in an online platform. I hope that it helps them learn to reach out to each other and be willing to share their creativity and insights to their subject matter.

I have found several sources for different games and networking tools, but many are geared for K-12 years rather than post secondary school situations. I have done some research on this topic through and and hope to utilize the knowledge and experience of some of my instructors as well.


One thought on “The beginning is a very delicate time… MLT

  1. Well done! You have selected a very interesting Action Research topic for your environment. Even though some of the research is geared towards K-12 the content may still be applicable for your online environment. But alter your key terms because there is a great deal of information available for adult online learners, especially about motivation and creativity.

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