TMD – Month 4 – Timeline

It really is hard to take in that at the end of this course I’ll be 1/3 through the EMDTMS Program here at Full Sail University.   I definitely can see that I have had a lot less time than I used to but I do think I am learning a great deal.

Critical People in the Process

In thinking over the process so far I know there are people I’ve leaned on to help me survive this process, first off would be my conspirator in this whole project, Suzanne Wilson.  We’re so different but yet somehow it works for us and our strengths complement each other.  Her writing skills have saved me on more than one occasion.  Speaking of writing skills, Trish Persen has been there for me and I would consider her a critical person.  She graduated over a year ago, but she’s always willing to let me bend her ear and lend her skills and insights to this process for me. This same thumbs up goes to Katie Ross, a previous graduate of the program who has been a great sounding board and source of encouragement as I push through this.   Finally, in an amalgam, my co-workers who are going through their graduate programs and whether it be in this degree or another, they have been showing me how focus, discipline. and drive can make a huge difference in a journey.

Inquiry Questions

Did receiving your grading feedback in a non-text from help you understand what was done wrong so that you can improve your work.

To keep to the specific then I would break down each format to see which they responded to more.

  • Did my online college students gain an understanding of their efforts more thoroughly from the text feedback?
  • Did my online college students gain an understanding of their efforts more thoroughly from the audio feedback?
  • Did my online college students gain an understanding of their efforts more thoroughly from the video feedback?

Was there improvement in the students’ work after the feedback format changed each week?

Action Research Timeline via Prezi

Concerns on Timeline

Events that I’ll need to take into consideration during this AR Process

1) Wedding in Atlanta in June, part of the bridal party

2) Mother’s 93 birthday in Maryland in July, family gathering

3) DragonCon, annual conference that I help organize, end of August, beginning of September

The summer months are smaller class sizes. This should not be an issue.  Will request classes that will provide me with two sections of new students, rather than the repeater ones.  Many of the summer students are responsive due to them starting school fresh and eager.

Implementation Time Frame

I am planning on my Implementation time to be  Cycle 1 in June and Cycle 2 in August.

As to unforeseen hurdles, naturally it will depend on how bad the circumstances, but as Full Sail cycles through with a new class every month, I would have an option to shift when Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 happen.  Each class is generally a standardized size since I would be doing this research in my class, which is a first month course for all degrees with 25 students per section.


One thought on “TMD – Month 4 – Timeline

  1. First of all 93 WOW – Happy Birthday to your mom!!
    Great choice of critical friends! Critical Friends are selected to question your purpose of your action and to evaluate your outcomes. They will provide you with an unbiased view, critic your interpretations, and discuss and help analyze your data. They can be comprised of classmates, peers from your work environment, and others who can give you a critical perspective of your project cycles throughout the year. Excellent timeline! You are developing your action plan proposal in month 5, which is quite intense. Expect changes and revisions to happen as you go through the proposal process and fine tune your implementation plans. Cycle implementation usually occurs between months 6-8 each cycle is a minimum of 3 weeks. According to your timeline you are on target, well done! The preliminary inquiry questions are a great start but will need to be refined. The questions must have a specific target audience, a specific activity, and a measurable result. These questions will be refined in month 5 during the planning stage.
    Your forecast video has provided a very clear direction of your plans. Well Done!

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