DEA – Month 6 – Pacing and Planning

The ADDIE process was an interesting and consuming method that focused my concepts into more pragmatic and thoughtful approaches.   Through the analysis phase I broke down the problem I was working on and how to achieve that goal.   The design phase of ADDIE led me to more involved survey than I was initially intending.  It was becoming clear that it could be unmanageable if I was not careful.   With the understanding that I would need to limit participation but not wishing to discourage it, I made the decision to offer the project for volunteers rather than doing the multimedia evaluations for everyone.  These volunteers who complete the study will get a community service award that my school offers.  The design/development phase also coalesced several considerations I had for explaining to the students what I was expecting from them in terms of commitment.  This adds the variable of student responsibility as more of a factor than I was initially considering.
That same design phase also provided me with some self-created surveys for data collection.   I am concerned that I may be asking too much of my volunteers but the weekly surveys will provide more format specific results rather than a simple post-survey would.  Demographics for each volunteer will be gathered by the pre-survey.  The weekly survey and Feedback Reflection post-survey will provide qualitative and quantitative data from the participants’ perspective and the participants grades will provide the instructor with numeric/quantitative data on if they utilized the feedback and improved their grades in subsequent submitted work.
Each of my inquiry questions are broken down specifically in relation to the volunteer surveys for each week, and their grades for the following week will either support their answers or negate them.

One thought on “DEA – Month 6 – Pacing and Planning

  1. You have done a great job defining your foundation and direction of your project. Both cycles must be completed by the end of month 8. In month 9 week 1, the results of cycle 1 will be reported and in month 10 week 1, the results of cycle 2. You want to give yourself time to reflect and evaluate what happened during each cycle. Document through a journal, video, and/or images. This will help you as you collect and analyze your data, especially as you interpret the results. Your results will be reporting using quantitative and qualitative methods.
    You have provided a clear description and visual of how you will implement. I understand your concern but please remember this is your project adapt as needed. Please know you have this flexibility. The purpose of the ADDIE was to provide the scope and foundation of your project for you. Now as you move into implementation along with the research you are becoming the expert in the field.

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