Month 7 – MTA

Developing an Action Research project is definitely an eye opener!  This month I started the roll out of the actual research portion of my project.   There’s a curious mix of dread and anticipation as you want it to go perfectly. However that is why we get a second phase so we can fine tune the process further.

Are you still on target to complete both implementation activities? If not, why? Analyze any potential hurdles, how do you plan to address these conflicts that may postpone your implementation?


Currently my initial survey is open and its a bit nerve racking as I only have 12 participants.   I did send out a reminder email today though so am hoping that I get a few more to give me some cushion in case of drop outs.  Implementation is on target for Month 7 as I had planned.  First activities will be turned in on Sunday and I start the process of feedback with those students that have volunteered.


Some hurdles that I am concerned about is that several students do drop out and that would leave me with less than a 10 person sample for the project.  One of the sections I have is a ‘repeater’ section, so that adds the additional consideration that a certain percentage of those students will not participate in the class let alone in my project.  I am also weighing the final feedback and trying to determine if the video feedback should have more than just visuals.

Implementation Timeframe:

The actual implementation of the project will take 4 weeks, if we consider the starting point as the first activity submitted for feedback as the first step in the process and the final survey response from students as the final step.  Depending on the situation with each step, I have considered that I might need to shorten the time frame and drop one of the feedback formats, but that will have to wait until the responses for this initial month.

End of Implementation Process:

After evaluation of phase 1, the second phase will begin in Month 9, so will complete at the end of that four week cycle and be ready for evaluation at the end of Month 9.


I am a month off on my timeline.  I had expected to do the first phase of the project in Month 6 but I was not yet ready to roll out. The Literature Review was completed on time, assets were created in Months 5 and 6.  Formal language for Proposal of AR Project was set in Month 5.  With consideration for the assets, and the events in my life (the wedding I noted in my Month 4 blog post), it seemed more advantageous to start Phase 1 in July/Month 7.   The rest of the timeline should proceed appropriately from here.


One thought on “Month 7 – MTA

  1. Excellent responses! You are on track to successfully complete Stage 2. Some students may leave cycle 1 but starting with 12 you are ok. Even if half leave you will have evidence to report. Any problems contact me. Remember to document and elaborate, you will have done so much work it is time to showcase it. Documentation is critical be sure to take notes, images and video. When responding to the prompts form the AR informational site website requirements section provide details that everyone reading your site will visualize what took place. Looking forward to reading about your implementation in month 9, both cycles must be completed by the end of month 8.

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