Month 8 – FPE – Reflection

I remember as a child standing on top of what seemed like a very tall hill. I’d lay down and just roll. You’d have ‘sort of’ control, but there were lots of bumps and twists that you weren’t expected. It was all sort of breathless, excited, frightening and wondrous all at the same moment. I think I’ve decided that is what the EMDT program feels like. One tumble, one exciting turn, one rock that turns up as your trying to steer your course.

So this month is Month 8! Hard to believe. 2/3 of the way through the program. Well this was my first month of evaluation, so it gave me some time to consider how things had gone in the first cycle and what I want to do in the second.

What changed in my set up between Cycle 1 and 2?

Following some slightly confused responses from participants, I’ve added a field to include their email and an alternative email.  This is due to the fact that many of them do not realize that they have a student email at their fingertips for some time yet.  I also adjust some of the wording of the weekly surveys to make it clear that I am asking about the previous week’s grading, not the current.   I am also including a short video showing them how to see their feedback.   This process is shown elsewhere but I did have a participant finally respond on the final survey that they had no idea where to see their feedback all month.

What’s happening that I didn’t expect?

Many students ended up preferring the audio feedback over video.  I thought it might be more 50/50.   They specifically mention liking that they could hear the tone in my voice.   This ties in though with the concept of forming a bond with the participants.

How are you tracking data differently?

I am not going to track the data differently this cycle.   The survey did seem to work out without any problems.

How have the concepts and techniques presented in FPE assisted your capstone?

By utilizing the concepts of storytelling and imagery that I have further developed in FPE, I will be able to enhance that connection with my participants further.  I think that will enable me to get a higher response percentage as well, and hopefully that will be matched by an equal increase in their grades.


One thought on “Month 8 – FPE – Reflection

  1. It is great to see cycle 1 completed and cycle 2 is underway. You are on target! When reporting be sure to use the AR informational site and follow the website requirements. When reporting, be very clear, the summary should explain what happened beginning, middle and end. The data should report the results of what happened it must be connected to make sense. The goal is the reader should not have any questions.

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