Month 10 – LMO – Cycle 2

Is there a connection between the data produced from your Cycles and the research reported in your Literature Review?

There are definitely elements from my literature review that tie into the data I received from my cycles.  This was especially evident as I adjusted some of the wording for the second cycle.  I also added a few questions to further delve into the teacher/student connection concept as well since it is a part of my literature review but I had nothing to gauge that perception upon besides my research.

How did your AR project turn out for you? Describe as a practitioner, how did this project improve your practice.

There is no doubt that this was a learning process.   I had to remind myself of the differences between an Action Research project as opposed to a scientific study several times.  My experience in psychology was to step back from the process and let things take their course, but that is the opposite process as Action Research.  The constant adjustment to make the research more effective so that you arrive at something more workable.    As a practitioner, I made a point to note comments and reactions from my participants, and while I did not change my basic questions.  I did find ways to more effectively get to the answers I was looking for.

Is a personal learning environment or an LMO something that could be part of your AR project in the future? Why or why not.

This is an excellent question and one I have been mulling over since it was proposed and since I do work in an LMS that is not of my own design or preference every day in my class.   Experience, both through my day to day teaching, and this AR Project, has me realizing some subtle changes that I would do that could see added.   My AR project is completely based on feedback to student work, so a more effective and robust LMS platform that would have embedded tools for commenting, in text, voice, and video, would be preferred.   Much of the multimedia feedback I created for my participants had to be hosted elsewhere and linked to the participants. A LMS that had built in tools for such feedback would make the grade feedback more secure for the students’ sake, and easier for instructors to offer to students to develop that connection that is critical to a student’s success and enhances the quality and effectiveness of their feedback.


3 thoughts on “Month 10 – LMO – Cycle 2

  1. I can definitely relate to you when you say that you had to remind yourself that this was an action research project and not a scientific study. I think when I began my project I was wanting to approach it much more scientifically and have that distanced perspective to let, as you said, things that their course. I learned quite a bit too about how I look at these types of projects. I don’t have to make everything so grandiose.

    I believe the feedback you provided to the students probably really set them up to be let down in the next class. And by that I mean, for you to provide such intense feedback for your students, how are they going to feel when they get to the next instructor who doesn’t put out as much effort? Your awesomeness is getting in the way ☺ I would love to see more LMS’s provide all sorts of avenues for feedback delivery. Hopefully we’ll see some more variance in how we can deliver our feedback soon.

  2. I can understand how limitations within an LMS can be frustrating. When I was the LMS coordinator at my previous employer I was constantly being bombarded with questions from instructors “how do I do this?” “why can’t I do that?”. The issue of feedback had not become an issue yet due in large part that the LMS was used more for storing resources and had not grown into full online courses. There were very few instructors using it to have students turn in assignment, take test, and quite a few were reluctant to use it at all. It wasn’t until the introduction of a Bachelor program which relied heavily on the use of the LMS.
    I think the idea of embedding feedback in different media is a really great idea but keeping private for the individual student eyes only does sound like a challenge.
    Great Post,

  3. Hey Kellen, enjoyed reading about your process and progress with your Action Research project. As a side note, your graphics from your gaming plan caught my eye, so I had to read over your gaming idea, I thought it was a really great idea to get your students interested in not just turning in something, but wanting to make it better, not only would they get more points from their re-submission, but it would allow the castle to be built–way cool, the only words I could think of that matched.

    Back to the original reason for coming here, I too am comparing the different styles and types of LMOs that are out and available, most are obviously geared for your world the Education realm, while I’m needing one for the Business/Professional realm, we both could use one that would allow the individual feedback and ability to post information confidentially, but stuff that wouldn’t be a lawsuit waiting to happen. I don’t need to know my fellow classmate isn’t do well on an assignment, but as a teacher do we/you have time to send out individual emails on a daily basis, in multiple sites and ways? Could an LMOs be a solution? I have some thoughts about two different products and ideas that popped into my head, but I didn’t want to use your blog to make it sound like I was selling their product. Anyway, I like the idea of being able to give personal feedback to each student in such a way that is easy for your and quickly available for your students.

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